Tisoki Creates Groovy Dubstep Soundwaves for ‘Memories’

If you love a heavy drop, conga drums, dreamy vocals, with samples that will leave you with the dance face, this track is something you want to hear. Tisoki brings many feels with this track, along with other tracks he is releasing on the regular. Over the past few years his music has been surfacing all the way from the UK to the United States.

Megan Hamilton’s add on to this groovy dubstep track makes it dreamy but without loosing any heavy bass.

Tisoki, a well known UK producer brings epic vibes with this track featuring Megan Hamilton. It shows a slower vibe with her dreamy lyrics, but with Tisoki bringing the heavy drop it shows why his tracks are always being sampled in many DJ’s sets. This track was dropped a couple months ago, but if you check out his SoundCloud and other social media sites, he is steadily releasing singles for all his fans.

Tisoki’s ‘Memories’ featuring Megan Hamilton

Tisoki states in his recent activity with Twitter that he has a ton of new music coming out. Also, with him not touring at the moment has his fans, like myself, curious if he will be on any summer festival lineups this year.

Once you give this groovy dubstep track a listen you will be following him for his next tour announcement.

Listen to Tisoki’s ‘Memories’ featuring Megan Hamilton:

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