Threyda Combines Art and Apparel Into Beautiful Creations

Threyda is a network of artists that blur the lines between art and apparel. If you’re browsing for psychedelic art, clothing or even wallpapers for your computer, then look no further.

Mike Cole (aka Mechmaster Mike
By: Mike Cole (aka Mechmaster Mike)

These artists’ styles often focus metaphysical or surreal aspects.

The fact of the matter is that their art cannot be classified into a sub-genre or style because each of the contributing artists are very unique. Some may be more geometric while others incorporate outside elements such as graffiti.

Agostina Sky Sublimation by Simon Haiduk
Agostina Sky Sublimation by Simon Haiduk

Using only the highest quality fabrics and manufacturing techniques, they guarantee top quality products.

The apparel is ideal for any rave or festival, and art lovers, as their art fits the theme perfectly. Beautiful colors, complex design, and deep themes combine into an outlet of creativity for the artists and speak volumes to the consumer.

We want to thank Threyda for giving us such awesome apparel. Look out for us wearing some of these awesome pieces at the next festival near you.

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