Thomas Jack Ignites South Beach at STORY Nightclub in Miami [Event Review]

Thomas Jack has been stirring up a lot of talk around the tropical house scene, really helping to popularize the genre around the world. Tropical house is becoming more and more popular among today’s music fans.

This sub-genre of the more traditional deep house music, differentiates itself by providing listeners with a more uplifting, relaxing sound, often using tropical instruments including steel drums and marimba.

Thomas Jack has played at some of the world’s largest electronic dance music festivals.

He has headlined Ultra Music FestivalCoachella, Snowglobe, and Tomorrowland, and is currently signed with one of today’s top record labels, Warner Records.

Thomas Jack at STORY Nightclub in Miami
Thomas Jack at STORY Nightclub in Miami

Last Saturday, Thomas Jack played at STORY Nightclub in Miami Beach, Florida and laid it down proper.

Club goers and dance music fans alike vibed to his wonderfully melodic sound all night long. Thomas Jack brought the vibes in an unpretentious manner. The vibe didn’t have an “all eyes on the DJ type of feel” but instead it felt more like a craftsman at work, quietly taking the decks without much attention and immediately setting the tone.

In a world where main stage DJ’s, spotlights and focused attention on the DJ’s moves and reactions seem commonplace, Thomas Jack approached the stage without much fanfare. No time on the microphone, no “put your hands up”, no unnecessary buildups or drastic changes in sound.

He played the room flawlessly, bringing that Miami deep-house vibe that perfectly fits the room at STORY, but keeping it light, breezy, tropical and uplifting. His own style and flare was clear, and the room appeared to love it.

One of my favorite parts of Thomas Jack’s set, and his set the previous weekend at Sunset Music Festival in Tampa was how the attention was where it’s supposed to be, on the experience the audience has with one another.

It can be frustrating to look around at an audience that is centrally focused on the artist for an entire show; instead of dancing, talking, laughing and experiencing the party with the people around them.

The scene at Story was as follows: a super-popular Saturday night at a high-end nightclub in Miami. Packed with beautiful people, top-of-the-line sound and environment, top shelf drinks and every table in the place popping with beautiful women and well-dressed men. Except, instead of gawking at the DJ booth, the music almost “allowed” the audience to simply party and dance, face each other and experience the night without the music “getting in the way.”

Thomas Jack expertly crafted the mood, playing tracks that lifted the party up without stealing its attention. It was all you could ask for from a perfect dance party; packed with beautiful people in a gorgeous venue with bone-rattling sound. These are the types of premium experiences STORY has to offer. This is nothing short of a world-class nightclub in the heart of the electronic dance music pulse of the United States.

Thomas Jack @ Story Miami
Thomas Jack @ Story Miami – Saturday June 4, 2016

STORY Nightclub is one of Miami Beach’s premier nightclubs and electronic dance music spots.

It was created in December of 2012 by MMG, the same masterminds behind the highly acclaimed LIV Nightclub in Miami Beach.

Each and every night STORY Nightclub provides fans with unforgettable dance music experience. The club also attracts some of electronic dance music’s biggest artists such as  Skrillex, David Guetta, Afrojack, and Alesso.

STORY Nightclub, Miami Beach, Florida.
STORY Nightclub, Miami Beach, Florida.

STORY has remained one of our favorite clubs in the United States and continues to hold that title for one specific reason: flawless execution.

The experience at STORY has been top-notch since I started going there years ago. From the door security, to the bottle selection, to the VIP experience, to the sound quality and cleanliness of the venue, to the expertly chosen talent. STORY is one of those nightclubs that makes us proud to call Miami “home.”

STORY Miami via Facebook
STORY Miami via Facebook

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