Ghassemi Shows Real Skill with Amanda Winberg Remix

Coming up with the goods right now is on the rise bass producer Ghassemi, who has produced something awesome. It arrives in the form of a remix, and the track taken on is Amanda Winberg‘s “Shutdown.”

Amanad Winberg - Shutdown (Ghassemi Remix)
Amanad Winberg – Shutdown (Ghassemi Remix)

This remix is filled with a smoothly melodic beat and flow breathing new life into the original.

Released through Universal Sweden, the producer uses plenty of rhythmical elements alongside additional instrumental quips to support Winberg’s raw-edged tones. He is able to maintain the foundation of the original but adds a new-age melodic flow to it. Combining elements of tropical house, nu-disco, and deep house, this is a perfect track for the summer season approaching us.

Listen to the remix below:

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