Thomas Gold Shares His Ever-Evolving Creative Process [WATCH]

Before his set Create Nightclub in Los Angeles, we sat down with globetrotting DJ and producer Thomas Gold for an exclusive interview.

Thomas Gold discussed his creative process, his start in dance music, and fun details about his upbringing.

Thomas Gold Interview with thatDROP
Thomas Gold Interview with thatDROP

He started making music at the age of 7 through the piano and then at 15 moved on to synthesizers and DJing friends’ parties. Eventually, he continued on the same path which led him to discovering the wonders of electronic music and professional DJing.

A new album from the German mastermind is in the works and will be dropping later this year.

Watch the Thomas Gold interview below:

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Listen to His Newest Single “Saints & Sinners” below:

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Thomas Gold Tour Dates

Be on the look out for additional dates near you, as Thomas Gold always brings the party with him through his unique style of dance music.

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