A Top Source for Bass Music: Electronyze Me’s Latest Metaltronica, Hybrid Trap and Dubstep

In 2016 Electronyze Me established themselves as a passionate Bass Music label out of France. Since then they have become a reliable source of bass music that leaders in the genre such as  have pulled from to break necks at the world biggest festivals. When are looking for those gritty tracks that slap you in the face during a show, leaving you wondering “who is this?!” you can start by looking in the pot of tracks that Electronyze Me has released that keep focused on dubstep, bass house, drum & bass and midtempo.

Just look at Electronyze Me last month, starting with their release today by DaWave and NO-VA, ‘House Of Cards’ featuring BVLVNCE. Joining the Electronyze Me family is Spain’s DaWave, a Producer and classically trained pianist who is becoming a household name with over 8 millions streams and NO-VA, revered for his melodic dubstep.

DaWave, NO-VA – House Of Cards Feat. BVLVNCE Electronyze Me

You may recognize BVLVNCE from his onslaught of metaltronic, especially his 2022 collaboration with KAYZO and BLOSSO for ‘Crown of Thorns‘.

With sharp, screamo vocals, a double-bass pedal driving the metal band and tasteful accents of dubstep, ‘Crown of Thorns’ is unapologetically hardcore and exactly what we call need sometimes, or most of the time.

From the western coast of France, Nivlem was made in Nantes. Getting his feet wet in music production with releases such as a future house remix of Martin Garrix ‘There For You’, while his highest appraised tracks have been hard trap such as his official remix of Eptic‘s ‘Power’ that landed on Monstercat and his original ‘Turn It Up’.

Now Nivlem’s Electronyze Me debut release, ‘Broken’ has already gained support from Hexagon (Don Diablo), Flosstradamus and Sweet Teeth.


Showing his advanced understanding of music, Nivlem develops a stunning introduction with massive synth notes and ascending vocals that create a unique atmosphere you’ll never want to leave, while the drop takes us on a joy ride.

Electronyze Me shared around the sound design, “the initial idea was to have an orchestral break with real instruments with a build-up and a very energetic drop, which raises the tension. Inspired by Apashe for the break, Nivlem added a vocal and a lot of little fx’s so that the break would not be empty and the general atmosphere of the track would not be too dark.

This same vocal brings more depth to the track, which makes you want to go to the drop. The drop contrasts with this soft, almost melancholic intro and becomes almost aggressive. The idea is that the person who will listen to this track can do so at the gym, in the car or even at a festival.”

Known for their hybrid trap and dubstep music theories, Moody Djinns arrives on Electronyze Me with ‘Vortex.


What grabs you for this one is the elegant intro with soaring vocals that grows into a warm drop packed with intricate textures to offer the world a new dance.

Electronyze Me shares, “known for their mixtures of sounds and their atypical productions, the duo Moody Djinns offers with ‘Vortex’ a drop as rhythmic as powerful. Having multiple weapons to create an avalanche of bass lines, presented by a calm and colorful intro, the duo creates once again the surprise with this authentic and muscular track,” shares

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