The Purge Film Easter Eggs

The Purge movie series harbors a few characters who make sporadic comebacks, namely Dante Bishop (Edwin Hodge) and Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo). Yet, purist fans shouldn’t anticipate catching sight of any seasoned Purge veterans in the show. Instead of chasing Leo or Dante’s progress, who wrapped up their endeavors in The Purge: Election Year, the drama dwells on how people leverage The Purge and how the supporters of the New Founding Fathers of America bask in the savagery of the dark night. Although the series may not be directly linked to the movies’ occurrences, the coherence remains unmistakable and inherently compelling for the Purge enthusiasts. Intrepid readers, buckle up for spoilers in the premiere.

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“Are You Prepared?”

This phrase seems to be a slogan for the franchise and it appears on a cardboard sign during a news report on the people who were preparing for The Purge. In fact, the phrase was previously used even as an advertisement for The Purge: Election Year and The First Purge. It is essentially a form of advertising that asked consumers to spend big bucks on safety precautions.

Masks For Sale!

The eerie allure of masks has become an integral element in The Purge series right from its inception. Find your purge mask at Premier Glow. The Purge permits condoned homicide; the perpetrators of these vicious acts generally favor conducting their savagery from the safety of a mask. In a Purge-related news bulletin broadcasted near the commencement of the first episode, a vendor is glimpsed peddling a plethora of spine-chilling masks, offering a convenient last-minute shopping option for the recklessly brave.

The First Purge

The aficionados who had the opportunity to witness The First Purge, a movie that hit theaters merely months before the debut of the TV series, are in for a direct correlation to the most recent box office hit. The main protagonists, Miguel and Penelope, were present during The First Purge, a frightful incident that led to the demise of their parents.

New Founding Fathers of America

Even though the heroes of The Purge film franchise are nowhere to be seen in the TV series, the villains – the New Founding Fathers of America and their supporters – play a huge role in the series. The pilot of The Purge series immerses its viewers in a debauched Purge party, hosted by a wealthy couple who implore their guests to donate to the notorious NFFA. As fans may recall, the NFFA suffered a monumental political defeat in The Purge: Election Year. Nevertheless, the television series delves into the societal sentiments towards the NFFA during the height of their political hegemony.

Although the first episode contains a handful of Easter eggs, the core connection between the series and the films transcends mere references or cameo appearances. Rather, it centers around the recurring themes of violence and power, evident both on the big screen and the small. The Purge sheds light on the corrupting influence of exploitative violence, as well as how those in power manipulate violence to mold the world according to their preferences.

Separate from the preceding films, The Purge is primed to attract the attention of its passionate fan base, keen to absorb its unique commentary on society. The series courageously explores the ethical and moral quandaries associated with violence, imbuing its viewers with a sense of curiosity and intrigue, and leaving them feeling stimulated by its distinctive approach.

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