The Pretty Lights Movement Hits Up CloZee to Spin a Hot Mix

Each week the Pretty Lights Movement has been recruiting stellar DJs and Producers to compile a mix of the latest sounds for their EDM radio show, The HOT Sh*t. Former weeks they have brought in Marvel Years, Wax FutureMaddy O’Neal and Late Night Radio.

This week the Pretty Lights Movement hits up CloZee to spin The Hot Sh*t.

CloZee Mix for Pretty Lights Movement

The French DJ’s track selection fit just right into the Pretty Lights family of sounds. She remixes tracks from Technimatic, Tor, Tambour Battant and David Starfire. You will also hear some of her fiery originals such as ‘Foundation Original’, ‘Fly High’ and ‘Black Panther’. Also keep an ear out for Opiuo‘s remix of Pretty Light‘s ‘Done Wrong’.

Take a listen to Pretty Lights – The HOT Sh*t episode 292 ft. CloZee:

The HOT Sh*t airs at 8PM EST/6PM MST every Wednesday with rebroadcasts on Saturdays at 12PM EST/10AM MST on SiriusXM’s Electric Area Channel 52.

Find more mixes by heading to their SoundCloud account link below. Find CloZee along her tour by checking out her tour stops here. Her next stop is opening for Bassnectar for his Basscenter X: Return to the Mothership in Virginia this Labor Day weekend.

photo credit CloZee

Get to know a little bit more about CloZee by reading our recent interview with her by clicking here.

Scope the full tracklist of CloZee’s mix below:

1. Technimatic – The Evening Loop (CloZee Remix)
2. Pacific Patterns – Blossom
3. Tor – Two Suns (CloZee Remix)
4. FlexFab – Zoo
5. CloZee – Foundation Original
6. Axel Thesleff – Vibrations
7. CloZee – Fly High
8. Pretty Lights – One Day They’ll Know (Odesza Remix)
9. Lomovolokno – She Original
10. Mr Carmack & Mike Gao – Thirst
11. Pluto – Wet
12. Jacuzzi – Curtain Call
13. Break Science – Once In A While (Feat. Sonya Kitchell)
14. Tambour Battant – Drummer Boi (CloZee Remix)
15. Symbolico vs Thook – Like Water x Rosa Mashup
16. Odesza – It’s Only (20Syl Remix)
17. CloZee – Black Panther
18. Mbe – Blacksmith
19. Pretty Lights Radiohead vs Nirvana vs NIN – Mashup
20. David Starfire – Soma Dreams (CloZee Remix)
21. Pretty Lights – Done Wrong (Opiuo Remix)
22. Pretty Lights vs CloZee – Understand Me Now x Koto Mashup

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