Niklas Ibach’s Melodies Shine A Lightness On Deep House

Eloquent German DJ Niklas Ibach takes a refreshing approach to deep house. He likes to create a light air to his music with real instruments and dance samples. For the 7th volume of his ‘Lesson Of Harmony‘ series, Niklas will provide an hour of easy listening music full of appealing melodies. Make sure to download all his lessons off his Soundcloud page.

The positive energy spewing out of this mix by Niklas Ibach’s will leave a smile on your face.

‘Lesson Of Harmony’ No.7 by Niklas Ibach

The spoken word intro gives off a bit of a STS9 feel, while throughout this mix you will hear remixes from Claptone, Purple Disco Machine, and Kasbo. 

Listen to and download ‘Lesson Of Harmony’ No.7 by Niklas Ibach below: 

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