The Latest Sounds Emerging From Underground Bass Music

The abundant amount of bass music tracks being released isn’t always the easiest to keep up with. That is why we are here, to conveniently deliver you the latest sounds. Today we have compiled four of our favorite new bass music releases. Two of the releases come from Twonk, a rather progressive record label.

Twonk record label founder, Brillz, served up a spicy new tune with Hydraulix.

Brillz & Hydraulix – Fourth Kind Ft. Macntaj

Ultimately called “Fourth Kind”, the track has a lot of unique qualities that work together to create a one of a kind banger. Featured hip-hop artist, Macntaj who has been featured in Bassnectar tracks like “Level Up“, is a perfect addition to an already heavy composition. As the song progresses, there’s an obvious old school Egyptian feel due the addition of a distinct flute melody.

Listen to Brillz & Hydraulix collab “Fourth Kind”:

Another Twonk release comes from a rather new female producer who’s currently blowing up in the scene. Whipped Cream music out of California isn’t taking her production game lightly. Her recent release, “She” is a standout track geared towards those who like the industrial sounds that some bass music offers.


Listen to “She” by Whipped Cream music:

Next listen to Man Darino‘s remix of Bhad Bhabie’s “Hi Bich”, which is a prime example of why EVERYONE should jump on the Darino bass train. There’s some artists that just have the “it factor” where they make magic out of any track they touch. Man Darino is proving he belongs in that category.

Man Darino’s “Hi Bich” is trap heavy cut that is best to listen to with reliable sub woofers on maximum.

Bhad Bhabie – Hi Bich (Man Darino Remix)

Bhad Bhabie’s “Hi Bich” Man Darino remix:

The next release comes from a newly established record label and artist. Malakai Torres, also known as Edekit, is a Hawaiian bass music enthusiast. Edekit‘s new tune “Noise” premiered through a brand new Ohio based record label known as Rapture Studios.

Edekit “Noise”

The release is a bass driven hit that you can’t stop bouncing to. Perfect sprinkles of bass and synth combine to create a true masterpiece. We have a sneaking suspicion that Rapture Studios is going to accomplish a lot with the Ohio bass scene.

Take a venture through imaginative and experimental bass-driven landscapes.

Listen to Edekit’s track “Noise”:

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