The Guide For The World’s Favorite Cat Breed

Contrary to popular belief, the feline species accounts for the most abundant pet species in the world over all others, including the dog. The notion kind of makes sense to a degree. Cats are really low maintenance because of the ease of care. Most participate in self-grooming, are fiercely clean, small in size, and some are relatively cuddly while others want to be left alone – but no one does that. Learn which country has a deep love for the feline species at

Some have a mysterious air about them, making pet parents curious about what the animal might be thinking. 

But those are intriguing, keeping everyone guessing until something startles them, and then they become the ultimate lap cat. As a whole, the animal has cat lovers wrapped around their little paws, so much so that no one can get just one.

The World’s Favorite Cats

The world loves felines. The animal provides her parents with many different moods and much entertainment. Dogs are unique and of their own spirit. The cat enjoys her varying personalities, all stacked up in one body, leaving you to wonder in one given day what version you’ll get. 

The cool thing is, typically, no one pet parent can settle for merely one cat. Kitty parents get them in multiples for added joy. But which among the world’s many breeds are the most popular choices? Open here for a grand list of options. 

  • The Maine Coone Cat: The list would not be complete without this friendly, brilliant, enormous beauty. The kitty can weigh as much as 20 pounds or more. The animal traveled through the magnificent state of Maine from the beginning of the 19th century when she was brought to the country by the Vikings. 

The “raccoon-like” features inspired the “Coone” part of the name, and its size has made it among one of the most loved cats throughout the world. It’s a simply wonderful kitty with whom to snuggle.

  • The Abyssinian Kitten: You will generally find this feline at the highest point she can find within the house. The animal has an adoration for heights, so incorporating climbing equipment is a must for this breed. She not only enjoys climbing but is a jumper. The kitten enjoys all types of activities where she can play and check things out because she has an innate curiosity.

One thing to be careful of with this feline is when she finds something that interests her, she takes it, and you may or may not find it again.

  • The Persian Feline: The fluffy Persian kitty is both docile and elegant. The cat does not speak like some other chatterboxes in the species and shows extraordinary affection for her pet parents. Her characteristic features include a stubby nose, round head, and a small face with rounded cheeks and big eyes. Because of the structure, the animal has a propensity for health issues.

With the mounds of fur on this lovely creature, she will need a great deal of maintenance with grooming as compared to other breeds. It’s difficult for a cat to handle that amount of hair on their own.

  • The Siamese Beauty: Old blue eyes had to be on the world’s favorite list. With the characteristic facial “mask” and piercing irises, the animal is simply stunning to view. The feline appears as though she would be aloof and cold, but there is a genuine social and affectionate nature to the cat.

The cat is one of the most talkative of any cat breed. What is unusual about the chattering is that the kitty incorporates body movements into her communication, and when she does speak, she does so loudly. So, if you forget to give her dinner, she is one cat that will let you know in no uncertain terms.

These are merely among the top four of those chosen as the most popular from around the globe. It’s a very subjective list. Not everyone will agree and most likely not all cats had an opportunity to walk the runway for judging.

You can see a list of many of the varieties of cat breeds if you go to Some of these are rare and unusual animals with a colorful history that you will surely enjoy.

Some are among the common breeds of which we’re all familiar. But all are amazing regardless of where they fall on the “best” list, each with their own individual gifts to offer. But that’s true of all species of animals.

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