Tapestry Girls: Dorm Decor You Need to Check Out

Coming back from Winter Break can seem like a drag… however, the silver lining is dorm room decorating! In a place that you’re going to spend so much time in, decorating is a must. Here are our favorite dorm room decorations from Tapestry Girls to turn any boring college dorm room into a cozy yet stylish oasis to enjoy the rest of your semester in.


Tapestries are a staple for any college dorm room. Tapestry Girls offers hundreds of different styles and with that many options, the possibilities are endless! Whether you are looking for a classic, mandala style tapestry or one with a cute, original print, you will certainly be able to find one to fit your room aesthetic. We also highly suggest hanging a set string of lights behind your tapestry for a cool effect with warm lighting.


Poster walls are both creative and easy to do. If you want to add extra swag to your space, then this is a great idea! Tapestry Girls offers tons of different styles of posters that you can strategically use to make a huge collage that can turn any boring wall into a picture masterpiece.

Some of our top poster suggestions from Tapestry Girls are the ASAP Rocky Dior Poster and the New York Poster.


Changing the lighting is key in making any dorm room feel cozier! Our favorite pick? The LED Wall Vine Lights! They are stunning, and will completely transform the vibe of your dorm.

The company’s President, Kyle Leighton, also just announced in a recent press release that the hot product is now available through Walmart.com and Etsy as well.

Whatever products you try, be sure to tag Tapestry Girls on Instagram so you can be entered in their Back To School Winter Contest! Good luck this semester!

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