The Gobi Desert Collective’s Heavy-Rolling and Mystic Archive

An Antwerp, Belgium based DJ and Producer duo Sam and Jens, launch organic house and downtempo records under their moniker Gobi Desert Collective on established scene setting labels such as, Cafe De Anatolia, Art Lives Music, Elebated Records, WAYU Records and Alpas Records.

The Gobi Desert Collective works with artist such as Bregt Coussement, DJ Phellix and Railiands on Earth to illustrate and sonify the Gobi Desert state-of-mind.

photo credit Sandrine Emmanuelle Catris

The Gobi Desert lies across Southern Mongolia And Northwestern China, one of the most least densely populated regions of the world, with only 3 persons per square mile and the desert is still expanding, so much so that the Chinese built The Great Green Wall Of China in 1978. For more perspective, Gobi Desert is the place where American researcher, Roy Chapman Andrews discovered the first found dinosaurs eggs in 1923.

Its the power of these grounds that the Gobi Desert Collective easily passes on with their music.

Gobi Desert Collective

Recent releases from Gobi Desert Collective include Middle Eastern and Latin instruments or samples that create a refined sound where ancient meets contemporary on the multidimensional Venn diagram of music. Listen to how Sam and Jens bring it for their heavy-rolling sets through their guest appearance on the WAYU Stories Podcast.

WAYU Stories : Gobi Desert Collective

The Gobi Desert Collective also has a side project where they focus on synths and more melodic house to change things up from the ethnic vibes. Sample Alpas‘ explosive vibes, the kind that keep us feeling fresh through the sunrise and gives us that hope through darkness.

Gobi Desert Collective

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