The Glitch Mob – Our Demons (filous Remix)

The Glitch Mob - Our Demons (filous Remix)
The Glitch Mob – Our Demons (filous Remix)

The 18-year old producer known simply as filous took The Glitch Mob’s spastic high-energy rollercoaster, “Our Demons”, and flipped it completely on its head for this stunningly smooth remix.

With a cool crisp sound breathy wisps and whispers swirl to create an airy sound that sounds perfectly at home on the arctic tundra.

In a daring departure from the original filous succeeded in creating something entirely his own.

Beginning with a spacious sound, clean guitar tones float over minimal percussion to entrance listeners from the get go. The original’s vocals work their way in among sparse synths and a myriad of reverb-tinged samples to give filous’ remix a wide berth that few tracks manage.

As the percussion picks up (but only slightly), filous’ “Our Demons” remix maintains its minimal vibe by never settling into a hard-won groove. Instead, the beat hangs lightly in the background to provide a sonic blanked for each individual piece to fall in.

With an intensely cerebral sound filous created a one-of-a-kind remix and incredible departure from The Glitch Mob’s original version of “Our Demons”.

Listen to filous’ remix of “Our Demons” by The Glitch Mob today.

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