That New New: Bassnectar Drops Into the Sun Album Preview

Bassnectar drops his next studio album, Into the Sun, on June 30, 2015.

With everything in the EDM world in full swing this summer, Bassnectar is adding to the revelry with his first original album since June 2014’s Noise vs. Beauty. The record, with the aptly summer inspired title – Into the Sun – is already shaping up to be a boombox blaster with 4 cuts from the record currently out on SoundCloud.

Are there any words better than ‘new Bassnectar’? Sure, probably, but we haven’t found them.

Dropping June 30, 2015 and featuring 16 tracks and a 70-minute bonus track mixtape – Bass Heads the world over are rejoicing in anticipative energy as the days count down until the album’s release date.

Want to get an early slice of the audio pie? Head to the link below to grab a listen to the first 4 releases from Bassnectar’s Into the Sun.

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Into the Sun Track List

1. Chasing Heaven – Bassnectar & Levitate

2. No Way (Bassnectar Remix) – The Naked and Famous

3. Into the Sun – Bassnectar

4. Speakerbox (feat. Lafa Taylor) – Bassnectar

5. The Mystery Spot – Bassnectar & G. Jones

6. Sideways (feat. Zion I) – Bassnectar & Louis Futon

7. Rose Colored Bass (Bassnectar Remix) – David Heartbreak

8. Generate – Bassnectar & Gnar Gnar

9. One Thing (feat. Cristina Soto) [Bassnectar Remix] – Psymbionic & Of The Trees

10. Science Fiction – Bassnectar & LUZCID

11. Blow (2015 Version) – Bassnectar

12. Sommarfågel (Bassnectar Remix) – Wintergatan

13. Dorfex Bos (Bassnectar Remix 2015 Version) – Dorfex Bos

14. Breathing (2015 Version) – Bassnectar & Sayr

15. Dubuasca (2015 Version) – Bassnectar & Kang

16. Enter the Chamber (2015 Version) – Bassnectar & Sayr

17. Mixtape 13 – Bassnectar