Tez Cadey Makes Waves With His Introspective and Deep Walls EP

Having garnered some buzz about himself with a slew of bootleg remixes and edits via his SoundCloud, Walls is the debut EP from up and coming talented French producer, Tez Cadey.

Based in Paris, his music has a uniquely French feel to it and is steeped in richly produced house vibes.

There’s a blend of styles across the EP’s 7 tracks (think less EP and more a small album),  all showcasing Cadey’s influences and a deft ear for melody.

“Palm”, “Oregon”, “Coastal Cat” are are all major points on this release, as is “Seve” – with its African rhythms and uplifting vocal melodies – while “Little Fish” and “Walls” are in stark contrast to each other but sit perfectly within the track listing. Check out Tez Cadey’s Walls EP today!

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Tez Cadey Walls EP
Tez Cadey – Walls EP

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