Ternion Sound Returns With Collaborative EP, Emergent Lifeforms [Deadbeats]

Ternion Sound has done it again, but this time they had help from the likes of Kursa and Bukez Finezt. The 4-track EP released via Zed Dead’s Deadbeats Records, Emergent Lifeforms, is chock full of the gritty low-end sound that Ternion fans yearn for. It’s what makes the dynamic trio a force to be reckoned with, and this project only solidifies them as leaders in the genre.

“Intent” – Ternion Sound, Kursa

The intro track known as “Intent” starts off with subtle notes before quickly transitioning into filtered lyrics accompanied by a harsh beat sequence. As the track progresses, the lyrics become crisp and the monstrous bass drop hits. In typical Ternion Sound fashion, the track maintains a heavy bass composure that keeps you engaged and energized.

“The Return” – Bukez Finezt, Ternion Sound

“The Return” is a track that compares to a horror film soundtrack. Bukez and Ternion got creative with the bass which sounds like a motorcycle revving. It’s hypnotizing, creepy, and includes hair-raising sound sprinkled throughout.

“Specimen” – Ternion Sound, Kursa

Ternion and Kursa speed up the Emergent Lifeforms EP with “Specimen”. The collaborative artists lean into using a more consistent sound to toy with listeners, but still deliver a product that fuels the overall theme behind the project. It has a drum and bass feel with quick progression from start to finish.

“Pulsating Mass” – Ternion Sound, Bukez Finezt

The final track truly plays into the halloween like atmosphere of the project. Appropriately named “Pulsating Mass”, the deep vibrato of the bass is unlike almost any bass drop heard before. It’s a must listen for those who crave the exceptional low end qualities of dark bass music.



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