Artist Spotlight: Teho, The Melodic House Mavrick from Montpellier, France

Although this entire set by Teho is amazing, full of original, uplifting energies, a few hightlights include a house track called ‘Space Explorers’, the xylophone melody for ‘Peinture à L’eau‘ and that drop for ‘Live It‘. Keep your eye on the tracklist below as you listen so you can pick a couple to add to your selection.


:00 Unreleased
4:54 Teho – Is That Worth It
10:09 Teho – Mandala
14:59 Teho – Into the Wild
20:36 Teho – Woody
25:07 Teho – Peinture à L’eau
30:48 Teho – Live It
35:42 Teho – Cliché
41:38 Teho – Through the Kids Eyes
45:13 Teho & Tran – Asakusa
50:45 Unreleased
55:57 Teho – Space Explorers
1:00:53 Teho – Donkey Korg
1:05:56 Teho & Van Did – Hope
1:11:57 Teho & Tran – Kabuki

Today, Teho released LT0027  and the other week a podcast titled ‘Through The Window’ that are well worth your time.

Teho LT0027

Teho introduces LT0027:

LT0027 // Teho – Anything (Ceas remix)
This is the third remix of Teho’s album “Polytone” and it’s now time for our resident Ceas to make a remix of “Anything”.
He chose to keep only the vocal and detuned it, to create a brand new track completely different than the original version.
With his unique style, Ceas produced us a remix with colored textures, a bit of melancholy but also a positive vibe and a good energy.

Teho prefaces the podcast:

In this strange times, my friends from Technomotion asked me to do a podcast about what I feel to be stuck at home for the quarantine. So I decided to make something different than I do usually, something which reflects my feelings and my emotions these days. Hope you will like it as I do!

photo credit Teho

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