10 Most Popular Music Festivals In The US

Listening to music, dancing, and hanging out with friends is amazing. All these pleasures can be easily got during the music festival. However, which one to choose from? What are the best music festivals you can visit in the United States? See the list of the best music events that are held annually in your country.

Before visiting a festival

It is highly recommended to book a hotel in the city where the festival takes place far beforehand. The fact that thousands of visitors come to big music festivals from different parts of the country. Therefore, there might be a lack of cheap accommodation available on certain dates.

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Spring Fling by University of Pennsylvania

Being one of the biggest music festivals for college students in the United States, the event attracts crowds of visitors to the East coast. The program of the festival is just amazing and has lots of bands, free food, and awesome music throughout the night. By the way, it is free for students.

Sun God Festival

This is a festival for those who prefer different music styles and doesn’t stick to the one and only genre. The event welcomes visitors with dozens of live concerts of pop bands, as well as will help you discover new names and good music you’ve never heard before.

Slope Day

This is a traditional event that is held by Cornell University on an annual basis. It is not only a music festival but a great holiday with lots of snacks, parties, and fun. Numerous celebrities, including Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, and Ludacris, often perform at the festival.


This is a huge fest that brings over 20,000 visitors each year. The festival has a long history and is an amazing combination of a music event and a crawfish holiday. It is usually brilliant and enjoyable.

Art Attack

This hot event is held by the University of Maryland. The festival is famous for its perfect organization and dozens of popular bands from different music genres.

Spring Weekend

This holiday is a popular event among students throughout the entire country. Moreover, it also attracts crowds of foreigners, too. The price for a ticket will cost you $20 only but will provide you with tons of positive emotions.

Round up weekend

This festival is good for students with limited budgets and a burning desire to have a good party. It is a great held in Austin and will allow you to dive into the Greek culture. The event lasts 72 hours. The ticket can be purchased for just a few bucks.

Jazz Reggae Festival

Looking for a jazz festival? This event held by UCLA is right what you need. Jazz Reggae is a great event in the concert life of the country. What is also great is that it is eco-friendly.

Ivie’s Weekend

This festival is totally free for students. It is held on weekends, so you can easily visit it during your free time at college. Moreover, it is always exciting and entertaining.

Ohio’s fest

This popular fest has an unlimited number of attendees and is known to be one of the biggest festivals in the United States. Although the ticket will cost you $40, it is surely worth visiting.

There are plenty of other festivals held in other countries. Enjoy listening to good music everywhere, globally!