Symbiosis Gathering Presents a Total Solar Eclipse Educational Series

On Monday August 21st 2018, the first total solar eclipse will be visible from the United States since 1979. Get the 411 around the “dance of the cosmos” from Symbiosis Gathering’s lectures present by a unicorn.

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Take a few minutes to learn about the basics of the astrological occurrence and the history of former eclipse gatherings.

Symbiosis Gathering Episode 1: Total Solar Eclipse Explainer

Symbiosis Gathering Episode 2: History of Eclipse Gatherings:

For this time around, the Oregon Eclipse Festival in Big Summit Prairie will be taking place during a total solar eclipse, the festival is designed to maximize and harness positive energy while infusing you into a mesmerizing atmosphere. Free spirited individuals will gather to bask in the glory of the miracles of nature, all while being surrounded by phenomenal music and art.

Oregon Eclipse is striving to be a fully immersive and stand out event.

Along with witnessing the spectacle of the total solar eclipse attendees will be surrounded by a variety of imaginative art installations, roaming performers, daily activities such as morning yoga, and even hot air balloon rides!

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Find out more beyond the music during Oregon Eclipse by clicking here. Also, check out our review of the seven uniquely curated stages that are designed to leave attendees feeling overwhelmed with love and inspiration.

Also, enjoy an Oregon Eclipse documentary of Big Summit Prairie to discover more about the beautiful lands that await us.

Look into where the solar eclipse will be visible in the United States by clicking here. The next one is predicted to occur in South America in 2019, we wonder what will go down then… Lastly, we recommend becoming more intuitive by reading into interesting¬†philosophies and rituals around the solar eclipse.

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