SXM Festival Headliner Soul Clap Gives Away Out of This World Music

This March 15th-19th find yourself on the Caribbean Island of Saint Martin for SXM, the most beautiful festival in the world. One of the more sought after DJ’s for this festival will be the funky duo from outer space, Soul Clap. Their intergalactic orbit of souls started early on earth, where they learned to make music in Boston. Now these two are on a mission for the best vinyl possible.

Along their musical journey they like to offer what they can to the world, so they gift you an hour long mix for free download.

Follow your heart when it tells you to join Soul Clap at the SXM Festival this spring break.

Soul Clap photo via Soul Clap Facebook
Soul Clap photo via Soul Clap Facebook
SXM Festival
SXM Festival photo via donosxm Instagram
SXM Festival
SXM Festival photo via SXM Festival Facebook

Check out the full lineup for the SXM Festival by clicking here.

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