Dillon Francis Revitalizes Justin Timberlake’s Grammy Winning Hit ‘Suit & Tie’

LA nurtured DJ, Dillon Francis sends a nod of appreciation toward Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z with his souped up remix of their Grammy Award winning track, ‘Suit & Tie’. Originally released in 2013, ‘Suit & Tie’, inevitably made its place within the electronic music scene. I do not think anyone would be disappointed to see JT make a cameo at Electric Forest performing this track.

The distinguishable Dillon Francis touch will revitalize this older track for you and perhaps shine a new light on the ol’ boy band golden boy, JT.

dillon francis Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie
Dillon Francis remix of  Justin Timberlake’s  ‘Suit & Tie’ 

This powerhouse collaboration will sure to have people properly busting some dance moves.

Listen to Dillon Francis’ remix of Justin Timberlake’s & Jay-Z’s ‘Suit & Tie’ below:  

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