German Duo Referred to as Super Flu Begin Season 2 on Twitch

After touring around the world for more than 15 years and releasing on labels like Diynamic, Get Physical Music, Stil Vor Talent, Moon Harbour Recordings German duo “Super Flu” does not let Corona pandemic stop them. To be close to the people and lovers of their sound around the planet, they have figured out something special.

So a while ago Mathias Schwarz and Felix Thielemann, better known as Super Flu – heads of Monaberry, set their exclusive Twitch channel streaming from Monday to Friday with DJ guests such as Anja Schneider, Mathias Tanzmann, Andhim, Lexer, Viktor Talking Machine, Monkey Safari and many more.

Especially the charming DIY concept and the typical Super Flu aesthetics make the stream a unique experience. The boys not only serve crispy DJ sets but also interesting interviews and talks. Beyond this they stream from an old and rusty shipping container next to their “home office” and studio in the city of Halle, Germany.

Super Flu’s Twitch station is live Monday-Friday, 10am – 2pm CET or 1am – 4am PT.

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