STS9 to Stream Live Sets at Red Rocks

STS9 at Red Rocks in 2013
STS9 at Red Rocks 2013 – Photo via Facebook

For those of you that can’t make the pilgrimage to Red Rocks this weekend for two MASSIVE nights of STS9, you can still stream both shows LIVE thanks to TourGigs!  These shows are going to be absolutely magical with STS9 playing three sets of music each night. It’s no secret that the five piece electronic rock powerhouse has been on fire all summer, dazzling fans across the country and shredding the festival circuit with new bassist Alana Rocklin.

STS9 on stage at Red Rocks 2013 - Photo via Facebook
STS9 on stage at Red Rocks 2013 – Photo via Facebook

The infamous Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado is legendary for its ability to bring out the best performances of the artists that grace the stage and this pair of shows will be no different.

Working practically nonstop all summer, the band will get to explore their diverse musical catalog by playing an acoustic set to start each night followed by two electric sets of full tilt STS9. That’s six sets of STS9 over the course of the weekend, so you know they have something special in store. The big, beautiful venue will also give their critically acclaimed lighting designer – Saxton Waller – an enormous canvas to paint on and show why he is regarded as one of the best in the business. They will also be joined by Lazy Americanz, who will play an “in the round” show on both nights in between STS9‘s sets. Fans both old and new have been buzzing about this weekend for months now and we couldn’t be more serious when we say that this is going to be one for the record books.

If you’re in Colorado or thinking about making the trip you can get tickets here!

The individual show pages for the stream can be found here: September 5th & September 6th

STS9 playing “Breathe In” live in Atlanta on 8.24.13:

STS9 playing “Inspire Strikes Back” live in Atlanta on 8.24.13:

STS9 playing “What Is Love” live at Red Rocks on 7.24.09:

STS9 playing “Evasive Maneuvers” live at Red Rocks on 9.10.10:

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