Stone Soul ft. WillDaBeast - Homesick [Free Download]
Stone Soul ft. WillDaBeast – Homesick [Free Download]
Boulder, Colorado producer and musician Jordan Stone AKA Stone Soul has been on fire with his infectious blend of funky instrumentation and deep production.

Epitomizing the electro-funk and soul-hop sound, Stone Soul’s music is a limitless amalgamation of funky horns, gritty bass, sultry sax, and spaced out guitar to take the soul to a deeper place.

Beginning with a sound that brings back immediate memories of Pretty Lights’ electro-organic project, A Color Map of the Sun, “Homesick” captures a depth of sound and feeling that most electronic music simply can’t.

Gritty, slow bass wobbles greet the listener as horns join in to add to the dark funky vibe. Soulfully mastered guitar bends seep through the sound waves to provide a spaced out ambiance that hangs like the dingy smoke of an opium den – creating an immense depth of feeling in “Homesick”.

Dusty vocal samples swirl and intertwine with the beat, culminating in a full sound and a truly emotive track. If you don’t know this Boulder producer yet, you definitely will soon.

Dig into Stone Soul and WillDaBeast’s funky electro-soul-hop collaboration, “Homesick”, and grab the free download below.

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