Wait Till You Hear This Bouncy, Bass-Heavy Banger From Stickybuds

Stickybuds Spinnin' at BREAKS-O-WEEN
Stickybuds Spinnin’ at BREAKS-O-WEEN. Photo via Facebook/Digital Motion Events/Samuel Chamberlayne

Canadian funk maestro Stickybuds is at it again with a grizzly, funk-filled banger that you don’t want to miss. “Easy” might be his most impressive single to date as it effortlessly fuses numerous stylistic elements that have made the music of Tyler Martens so unique and flavorful.

His relentless passion for creating soulful, bass-layered party music is widely acknowledged by his peers and fans, and “Easy” is a showcase of Tyler’s endless dedication to his craft.

Mid-tempo drum patterns oozing with guitar, horns and the lyrics of Greg Blackman give this tune loads of life, but it’s the booming, bodacious bassline that completes this sonic masterpiece.

There’s something about it that’s so punchy and powerful yet it’s exceptionally clean at the same time. Tyler flexes his skills as a sound designer even further as the bass glitches and glides all across the frequency spectrum with spacey sound effects that will have your spine tinglin’.

You can really feel the love that Tyler poured in to this jam and there’s no doubt in our mind that he had a lot of fun creating it. You can snag this massive release including the original, instrumental and acapella from Adapted Records right HERE!

Listen to the funkafied party anthem from Stickybuds:

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