Stan Sax Compiles a Deep and Silky Sax House Mixtape

For talent buyers looking for the right artist to hold down the vibes as the sunsets, discover Stan Sax‘s insightful electronic saxophone work. While he usually keeps the vibes laid back with his sax, he now looks to expand his capabilities by making a mixtape.

Stan Sax’s very first sax house mixtape ever goes live on Magnum Network.

Magnum Mixes WE ARE 057 Guest Mix By Stan Sax

Stan Sax is from Cologne, Germany who has the best saxo house chill or deep vibes within the scene. You can discover more guest mixes for free download, news, industry tips, contests and giveaways through the Magnum Network

In this sax house mixtape you will hear saxy remixes of The Chainsmokers and Lost Frequencies as well as smooth originals by Stan Sax, Bakermat, Two FriendsFaul & Wad and more.

Stan Sax’s Sexy LED Sax photo via Stan Sax 

Make sure to download Stan Sax’s mixtape for free by clicking here

Listen to Magnum Mixes WE ARE 057 Guest Mix By Stan Sax below:

Check out the tracklist below:

1. Bakermat – ‘Baby’
2. Gamper & Dadoni – ‘Just Smile’ (ft. Milow)
3. Saxity – ‘Brothers’ (ft. Strom)
4. Lyar – ‘Trigger’ (Rami ft. Stan Sax Remix)
5. Faul & Wad – ‘Something New’
6. Androma – ‘Ozalee’
7. Florence & The Machine -‘You Got The love’ (Bakermat Remix)
8. Gamper & Dadoni – ‘Praise’
9. Pariv Stellar – ‘The Sun’ (Klingande Remix)
10. Lost Frequencies – ‘Reality’ (Dunisxo & JeyJeySax Remix)
11. The Chainsmokers – ‘Closer’ (Sjur & Saxity Remix)
12. Sander W. – ‘Make You’
13. Ruca – ‘Play Bad’ (Sander W. & Stan Sax Remix)
14. Two Friends – ‘Pacific Coast Highway’

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