Speaker Side Chat with OMNOM at Sound Nightclub

Front Left productions came in the clutch with a proper Thursday night family affair featuring OMNOM, Wyatt Marshall, RYBO and Matt Egbert at Sound in Hollywood.  It was finally time to meet OMNOM after covering his music since his 2019 standout record, ‘Number One Fan’, for Strangelove Recordings.

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Following OMNOM’s extraterrestrial set comprised of a lively selection at the forefront of house music our speaker side chat led to discoveries of a rave in the high desert, backstory into why Cody started DJing, insight into his latest and upcoming releases, an invaluable life hack and more.

Photo credit Visuals By G  Wyatt Marshall at Sound Nightclub
Photo credit Visuals By G RYBO at Sound Nightclub Front Left Presents
Photo credit Visuals By G Matt Egbert of Front Left productions 

Please tell us about your first set ever? 

Oh damn, my very first set ever? I was playing at a bar in downtown Pomona.  I really got into production before I got into DJing, so I didn’t really have the skills to play until there was a demand for it.  I was putting out tracks on SoundCloud and then Space Taco said to come play out in Pomona, in the Green Room in Pomona- next to the Fox Theater.  I played some music and the promoter, Darrell, kinda stood next to me while I DJ’d and if I started fucking up, he would reach over and fix all my little fuck ups.

Please tell me about this new track you have with Roland Clark and Odd Mob, ‘Strut’? 

‘Strut’ actually came about because Harry, Odd Mob, was coming out to the US to play some show. This was in early 2022 because he was playing on at Space Yacht and he tweeted out, “Any artist I should collab with?”. I responded and a bunch of people were like, “yeaahh, do it, do it, do it”.  So he played his set at Space Yacht at Sound then the next day he came out to my studio and we wrote that track. 

Odd Mod, OMNOM, Roland Clark ‘Strut’

This had to have been March 2020 and we were like “this could be good…”  Then he said he had the Roland Clark sample, the classic sample, “they know what is what.”  I think he went to Denver the next day and that is when everything got shut down. Then someone in Thrive’s camp or Odd Mob’s camp reached out to Roland Clark personally and he said “yeah, you can use the sample just add me as a collaborator”.  I was like “fuck yeah, they know what is what!”

Odd Mob

Nice, Roland Clark is the man, I am familiar with him from releases on Deep Root Records and playing alongside LA Riots for a show put on by Groovism.  Anyway, I am curious what tracks you feel are at the forefront of electronic music right now? 

It’s hard to say, I am kinda stuck in this netherworld between bass house and tech house, I don’t want to go too bass house or too tech house either, so I am kinda stuck in this situation.  But two tracks that I think are bangers right now are ‘Come Again’ by Wax Motif.  And I mean it’s always Walker & Royce… My other track would probably be… MY OWN TRACK! Haha jk  

I am curating the next compilation that Space Yacht is doing.  They are putting out a new Tech My House compilation and I am in charge of curating that playlist.  I made a track specifically for that, I played it tonight. 

What is the name of the track?  When will it be released? 

It’s called ‘Skinny Jeans’, it will be released on June 23rd and I think June 21st is when I am playing Space Yacht. 

Any other unreleased tracks you played tonight? 

Yeah, I have more with Odd Mob, I have one I am kinda shopping around that I had my friend do the vocals on it J Evz, it’s like “work that body! Bump bump bump”, well see what happens… 

Photo credit Visuals By G OMNOM Sound Nightclub Front Left Presents

Can you tell me about a good rave you have played at? 

I just played at Moonlight Mirage out in the Mojave Desert, it was pretty fucking sick. I slept in a tent and stayed an extra day, but was like “man this can’t be the same body that did Lightning in a Bottle for 4 days in a row in 2015.”

Moonlight Mirage

Who were the curators of Moonlight Mirage? 

It was a crew from Santa Barabara and San Diego, Wookpack and San Diego Unified Bass District.  It was the second they have done.  Luke Andy and I played the first day as the house artist headliners, and the next day was the bass music headliners Sumthin Sumthin and Player Dave.

You have to tell me about ‘Number One Fan’. 

‘Number One Fan’, I wrote that one maybe 5 years ago. I wrote that to encapsulate that super hyper fan. I feel a lot of DJs would relate to that track.  They have that one obsessive fan. You get some pretty crazy interactions with fans on social media and in person.  I was just poking fun at that. 

Do you have any life hacks? 

When are you making bacon and you have the grease, you put tin foil down to cover the drain, so you just pour the grease into that then let it sit then you wrap it up and its gone! 

Who is your favorite pokemon or cartoon character? 

Oh, that’s a tough one! *voice note to google* “blue smiley Pokemon, salamander Pokemon.”  Oh, it’s this one! Quagsire! 

Where can I find you next? 

I will be in Vegas for Holy House, and Denver at Club Vinyl.


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