Interview with Spanish DJ and Deep Tech Producer Victor Romero

Fresh off his debut US tour, it is time to thank Victor Romero for extending a great selection of house music across the pond.  Encountering Victor in Huntington Beach for an a.y.c.e stable event left souls and bellies full.  The producer from Spain headlined the much appreciated Tuesday night alongside Eddie Portillo, Classic Tom, D. Zeledon and Aaron Marxx.

Victor Romero has managed to make his way playing in countless booths around the world, releasing  music on some of the biggest labels on the scene and earning support from tech house favorites such as Monoky.  In the wake of Victor’s appearance at The Circle with MadHouse and a.y.c.e (who lived up to their reputation by offering decadent desserts until 2am), we reached out for an exclusive interview where we discovered Romero’s upbringing, great deep tech artists and so much more.

Victor Romero photo credit Triple7isheaven
Victor Romero photo credit Triple7isheaven For a.y.c.e

Can you tell us about your first set? Where did you start? What initially motivated you to start your career? 

My first set was at a friend’s party, we used to go to some raves that he organized at his house outside the city, I saw many local DJs play there to have fun. They played all kinds of electronic music, many people attended the parties, at that time my girlfriend gave me two vinyl turntables, a two-channel mixer and one of the times we went to one of her parties I decided to take the equipment with me, and that was the first time I played in public. 

After that, I got some shows in the pubs of my city and I saw that little by little I began to attract more and more attention by playing music and making people dance. 

What have been your favorite moments as a DJ so far? 

I could not say what my favorite moments are, because every time I play it is pure fun.

Victor Romero photo credit Triple7isheaven For a.y.c.e
Victor Romero photo credit Triple7isheaven For a.y.c.e

Can you tell us a bit about some brands of parties/events that you like to play or attend in Spain? 

One of the brands and parties that I have liked to play and attend the most has been at the Guateque de la Zebra, where I have been one of the resident DJs for two years, it is a small beach club located in the marina of Aguadulce, and it’s party was held every weekend, that place was pure magic and the people gave off incredible energy every Saturday afternoon. 

How did you connect with MadHouse and a.y.c.e (All You Can Eat)? 

My relationship with MadHouse started this way… I make music for a LA label called Techavenue records, the director and creator of Madhouse EDDIE PORTILLO is a good friend of the label from there they introduced me and I started working with the agency. 

Eddie Portillo

As for a.y.c.e, my great friend EDDIE and at the same time my tour manager arranged a date with ayce and I have to say that I had a great time playing at their party and I would like to come back sometime to play with them again. They gave a spectacular treatment and their visuals are incredible, all 100, they have a great team. 

Who are some deep tech artists that you like? 

For me, one of the artists and producers that I admire the most at the moment is Rendher, he has a style that characterizes me and all his tracks are explosive and elegant. For me he is one of the biggest talents on the scene, I could also say names like Jamie Jones, Reelow, Pawsa etc. 

When is your next release and your next set? 

My next release is now in the month of May, the track is called Vibrate. Although throughout this year a lot of music was released by labels such as Nervous, Happy Techno, Material

What is a philosophy of life that you like to live by? 

My philosophy, music, music and more music hahaha 

Any DJ tips you can share? 

My advice as a DJ and producer is… that no matter how many times you fall, get up two thousand, because if this is the life you want with effort and work, everything can be achieved, you will find good people and other very bad ones, good times and bad times… but faith and work move mountains.

Victor Romero photo credit Triple7isheaven For a.y.c.e
Victor Romero photo credit Triple7isheaven For a.y.c.e
Victor Romero photo credit Triple7isheaven For a.y.c.e

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