Speaker Side Chat with Lodato About Music, Life and Passion

Last month we got the chance to meet with one of our favorite artists, Lodato. He is always on our radar, so it was truly a pleasure getting to know him better. Let’s find out a little more about him and listen to some of his latest chart-topping music.

Lodato, thank you for sitting down to chat with us in Miami today. The entire thatDROP team loves your sound and we look forward to getting to know you a little better. Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am from Queens, New York, The School of Hard Knocks as they say back in the day. I started DJing about 17 years ago. That is when I started to fall in love with the culture, because I could create my own version of it.

Lodato himself photo credit Lodato’s Facebook

What is one of the craziest venues you have played at?

The Estate, because I was just 21 and it was like the most premier nightclub in Boston at the time.

photo credit Lodato’s Facebook

What did you do pre-DJ?

Haha I think I worked with my Uncle at the airport for like 2 weeks, then I was like “Nah.” I feel in love with DJing. I hope that everyone is as lucky as I am to find what they want to do with their life.

What was the turning point in your life when you realized you were going to pursue DJing full-time?

The turning point was when I moved to Dubai for DJing gigs for a year. I just stayed in the studio everyday. Sometimes, I sat in there for three days straight only to come out to eat and go to the bathroom. I always thought that I had to lock myself in the studio to learn, because that is where you’re going to get the most knowledge.

That trip transformed me as a DJ and Producer, because I was alone. I was able to create something that didn’t exist before then. I had to go on that retreat.

What has been exciting over the past 12 months? What do we have to look forward to?

I just came out with ‘Older’. I want to thank everyone out there for playing it. We also dropped ‘Heathens’ the remix, which is up for an award tonight. Then we dropped a remix of ‘Rockabye’ with Anne Marie and Sean Paul. We just released “Breathe Again’ with Joseph Duveen and Jaclyn Walker. I am very excited about this record, it was my first duet. Going forward, I plan to keep making more music.

Take a listen to ‘Older’ by Lodato & Joseph Duveen: 

photo credit Lodato’s Facebook

Last question, what song or music video do you want to tell everyone to listen to or watch that will make them be like, “this dude is The Dude!”?

Haha go listen to ‘Breathe Again’. I also shot a music video for it with all green screen. Something we never thought we would tackle.

Watch Lodato’s new music video for ‘Breathe Again’ produced by Overdrive Productions

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