Slushii Warms Up The U.S. With His Heavy Bass Along His Slush It Up Tour

L.A. based, Slushii is about to set sail for his Slush It Up Tour all over the U.S. to unleash his uplifting dance music. Slushii is gathering a strong following by being such an energetic presence on stage and ruthlessly slinging heavy beats.

Check out the Slushii tour dates and locations to see if he will be in your town:

Slushii Tour art via Slushii

When you hear Slushii’s smooth yet filthy remix of OoKay’s ‘Thief’ you will ready to join the Slushii tour.

Slushii Remix of 'Thief' by Ookay
Slushii Remix of ‘Thief’ by Ookay

Slushii keeps the vocals of OoKay‘s original version of ‘Thief’ then adds his heavy edge. He also keeps the old school jazzy horns in the track to create a beautiful build then he seamlessly drops into banging futuristic synths that spew energy.

The rush you get from Slushii’s track ‘Thief’ money can’t buy.

Ookay exploded onto the scene out of California with his first two releases on Ultra Records. Now you can find him hitting everything from EDC Las Vegas to Red Rocks.

Get ready to go on the Slushii tour by listening to his remix of ‘Thief’ below: 

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