Slushii Converts Marshmello’s “Alone” Into a Dubstep Banger

Well, it finally happened. While we’re still waiting for a full-on collaboration between the two producers, Slushii‘s newest remix of Marshmello‘s “Alone” gives us a small taste of what these two would sound like together.

Slushii turns “Alone” into a brutal dubstep track filled with his signature high-pitched growls and wubs.

Marshmello - Alone Slushii Remix
Marshmello – Alone Slushii Remix

First premiered at Lollapalooza by the masked producer himself, this remix absolutely destroys. The original track and music video have been doing extremely well and further cement Marshmello as one of the biggest names in dance music right now.

It was about time until we saw Slushii remix one of his tracks, as the two have been working together for a while now. Both have risen up at an alarmingly fast rate headlining festivals and shows around the world in a matter of months. Slushii has a unique edge as he has yet to stick to one sound – his remixes and originals are all over the place ranging from dubstep to future bass.

This remix will definitely be played in most bass sets as it’s too good to not do so.

Listen to Alone Slushii Remix below:

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