Skrillex, What So Not and RL Grime Release Huge Collaboration “Waiting”

Skrillex, What So Not and RL Grime have teamed up to release their bass-heavy new collaboration “Waiting”. The song gained popularity in RL Grime‘s annual Halloween Mixtape. But during the last few months, it has seen its fair share of airtime between the three producers.

Yesterday fans were able to call into a special phone number to hear the song before it was released today. Needless to say, the hype was big on “Waiting” and the song was (wait for my pun here) worth the wait.

“Waiting” has an incredible bass drop that will leave you reeling.

RL Grime, What So Not, Skrillex - Waiting
RL Grime, What So Not, Skrillex – Waiting

The newest collaboration between three huge names in bass and trap music blends dub, bass and trap genres together.

There are a lot of great things about this song, not the least of which is the sheer amount of talent involved with the three producers. It is undeniable that RL Grime, What So Not and Skrillex all have very distinctive musical styles. Some fans claim that the song sounds primarily like RL Grime. They also contend that the build-up is reminiscent of What So Not, while the ending is pure Skrillex.

Whatever the fans may think, there is one incontrovertible fact: “Waiting” is a good song. If you don’t believe me, listen to the drop.

Listen to “Waiting” below:

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