Skrillex and Diplo ft. Aluna George – To Ü (Let It Be Known Remix) [Free Download]

Skrillex & Diplo ft. Aluna George – To Ü  (Let It Be Known Remix) [Free Download]
Skrillex & Diplo ft. Aluna George – To Ü (Let It Be Known Remix) [Free Download]
Sink your teeth into the San Francisco producer/DJ duo Let It Be Known. Consisting of Harnick Atur and Keith Buhler, Let It Be Known has been kicking out solid tunes since 2012. Only in their third year of performing under the name, they’ve claimed some serious accolades in their young career.

Winning Insomniac’s Discovery Project in 2013, the duo has gone on to play high-caliber events and venues such as Beyond Wonderland, FanimeCon, and San Francisco’s Ruby Sky.

Already known for their charged remixes, the group has added another track to their list of remix smashes – Skrillex & Diplo’s track ‘To Ü’.

Starting similarly to the original, Let It Be Known’s remix starts with a clean and subtle flute line that soon loops over a steady clap. As Aluna George’s vocals are introduced into the mix, things pick up and build in an upward crescendo until the first drop. Glitchy and smooth, the first drop draws listeners into the song, propelling them along until the second climax drops out into reckless abandon.

Sawtooth synths scream out to create a remix that is much heavier than the original. And as the track continues to progress, it eventually settles into a melodic electro outro that’s as danceable as it is heavy.

Overall, it’s a great track. It’s a big departure from the original, Let It Be Known never lets their ‘To Ü’ remix to slow down and settle on one genre. Keep an eye out for this San Francisco duo, as they continued to make waves in the scene you’re sure to hear more from them in the near future.

Check out Let It Be Known’s remix of Skrillex & Diplo ft. Alan George’s massive tune ‘To Ü’ and grab the free download below.

This post is sponsored by Let It Be Known.

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