Skeewiff ft. Beat Fatigue - Bamboo Beats
Skeewiff ft. Beat Fatigue – Bamboo Beats

Glitch hop and future funk fans the world over have something to rejoice about: Skeewiff and Beat Fatigue’s jazzy smash of a track, “Bamboo Beats”.

In true funk fashion organ, piano, guitar, hand percussion, whistles, and more circle their way through the track to create a bouncy vibe that’s dance floor ready for any time of day or night.

About as glitch hop as a track gets, deep fuzzy synths bounce along with the drum beat and make it nearly impossible to keep still.

The groove is infectious.

Roughly halfway through the song “Bamboo Beats” pulls things back to showcase one of the jazziest interludes that you’ll find in an EDM track. As electric piano and an organ meander around their scales and modes, the bass begins to plot its next attack.

As far as electro-funk goes Skeewiff and Beat Fatigue hit the nail directly on the head with “Bamboo Beats”, and we’re crossing our fingers for more collaborations from them in the future.

Check out the jazzy electro-funk monster “Bamboo Beats” from Skeewiff and Beat Fatigue below.

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