Showtek Return to Hardstyle Roots with Technoboy & Tuneboy Collaboration “Mellow”

Legendary hardstyle duo Showtek switched to a more big-room and progressive sound in late 2011/early 2012. Since then, early fans have been craving for them to return to the genre that originally brought them so much success.

This new collaboration with hardstyle legends Technoboy & Tuneboy gives fans exactly what they’ve been waiting for.

Finally, after over 5 years, they have released their first hardstyle track in ages, “Mellow”.

Showtek vs Technoboy & Tuneboy - Mellow
Showtek vs Technoboy & Tuneboy – Mellow

For any fan of hardstyle or faster-bpm styles of music, seeing legendary names such as ShowtekTechnoboy, and Tuneboy together is a dream. “Mellow” is an ode to Showtek and Technoboy & Tuneboy‘s classics utilizing their famous synths and sounds that revolutionized the genre as a whole.

“Radiating more power than the largest sun in the galaxy, ‘Mellow’ is Showtek going back to their roots and delivering an all-out treatment on a revered classic.”

Listen to Showtek Mellow below:

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