Seth Patrick Explores Future Bass to Find “Where the Love Is” with Ally Miller

Ohio DJ, vocalist and songwriter Seth Patrick has already garnered a loyal following with electrifying hybrid tracks like “Lights Out“, “Afterlove“, “Saint“, “Can’t Fight It” and now its time to welcome him into your household with his latest addition, “Where the Love Is”. While his past work focuses on the meshing of international sounds with EDM mainstays, his brand new track featuring Ally Miller continues to investigate progressive house, trap and future bass elements as he develops his artistry.

Seth Patrick spends no time getting to the excitement and purpose of the track, to spread love.

“I want nothing more than to give love and feel love for a living.” — Seth Patrick

“Where the Love Is” utilizes the calming vocals of Ally Miller to gracefully carry the lyrics through the synth-laden drop. With a haunting piano progression paired with the poetic lyrics, Patrick’s inclusion of Miller adds a nice singer-songwriter vocal element to the single.

Listen to Seth Patrick’s ‘Where the Love Is’ (feat. Ally Miller):

“Where the Love Is” reaches its full height by the 3-minute mark when the drop divulges into the chorus-synth, ending with an Elton John-esque melody, blurring the lines between banger and ballad. What could be described as electro pop elements emanate through the track, introducing the listeners to Seth Patrick’s quick, calculated style.

Seth Patrick will gain more traction with the sonic progression found in “Where the Love Is”.

With another notch on his belt, his new single is the perfect exploratory track for winning over a ton of fan’s of future bass and progressive sounds. Get Seth Patrick’s new track featuring Ally Miller here. Make sure to show your love by giving him a follow on his social media handles linked below. Make sure to check out his other San Holo or Illenium-esque single, ‘Lights Out’ below.

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