Sean Turk Pours Some Sensual “Lemonade” With Jessame

For an artist with a historically short career, Sean Turk is already making splashes with his newest single featuring R+B crooner Jessame. The Chainsmokers and DJ Snake have supported with multiple features in different publications. Sean Turk’s chill groove, or bedroom bass, threatens the airwave with charming lyrics and a worry-free production style.

Sean Turk’s new single, “Lemonade” features slick verses from the producer himself.


Vocalist Jessame provides back-up until later in the track where he reiterates the track’s message with his equally velvety vocals.

“Lemonade” has the chops to truly make a splash on the mainstream.

With a true empty space left by the R+B tracks of old after the early 2000s, we need more artists like Sean Turk who keep the smooth soul alive.

“Lemonade” acts as the soft soundtrack cruising down the street at 3 a.m. with that special someone without a thought in the world.

Sometimes if you don’t have any special words prepared, tracks like “Lemonade” act as the perfect facilitator for Netflix-and-chill times for the remainder of 2017.

Check out their new track here, and don’t be afraid to get groovy.

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