Savant - Invasion [Full Album]
Savant – Invasion [Full Album]
The Norwegian artist Aleksander Vinter, commonly known as Savant, is on the rise and gaining more attention.

Producing at an insanely fast rate, he continues to push out more and more quality work as the weeks roll by.

The hard work of Savant isn’t going unnoticed.

As you listen to his latest album you’ll hear his intricate, complex style.

Titled Invasion, Savant’s latest work has a house vibe but takes it to another level with grimy dub elements.

It’s difficult to really categorize Savant’s style but one word fits him pretty well: talented.

If you haven’t heard his work yet please do take some time to listen. Trust us when we say you will not be disappointed by this breath of fresh air. This guy is what electronic music is all about!

Listen to Savant’s album Invasion below.

Savant – Invasion track list:

  1. Orphan 0:00:00
  2. Upgrade 0:05:27
  3. Invasion 0:11:17
  4. Pizza Power Alien 0:16:31
  5. Trap Slut 0:20:26
  6. Change 0:25:24
  7. Pixel Bee 0:29:35
  8. Innocence 0:35:52
  9. Basement 0:39:54
  10. Colorblind 0:45:14
  11. Return 0:50:44,
  12. 1997 0:54:56
  13. Broken 1:03:45
  14. Desperado 1:10:17
  15. Problemathematicalculatorture 1:15:52
  16. Massacare 1:19:33
  17. Killer 1:24:31
  18. Dreamscape 1:30:02

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