Sam F Presents a Dim Mak Daytime Mix While MORTEN Spins a Nighttime Mix

Get a sneak peak of Sam F‘s, new single ‘Limitless’ by listening to Dim Mak‘s new Daytime Mix. This mix will kick off with Sam’s new track featuring Sophie Rose, which will be officially released on March 30th.

Throughout this Dim Mak Daytime Mix you will hear fresh music by Keys N Krates & KRANE, Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson, MAKJ & Max Styler, Stooki Sound, Sam F & Yntendo, and more.

Dim Mak Miami 2017 Daytime Mix by Sam F

Sam F is an established member of the reputable Dim Mak Records team out of Los Angeles. His new track has a carefree and uplifting vibe that welcomes in the spring properly.

With this Dim Mak Daytime Mix, Sam F is setting the mood as we head into the heart of festival season.

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Listen to Dim Mak’s Miami 2017 Daytime Mix by Sam F:

View the whole tracklist below:

1. Sam F – ‘Limitless’ (feat. Sophie Rose)
2. MAKJ & Max Styler – ‘Knock Me Down’ (feat. Elayna Boynton)
3. Keys N Krates & KRANE – ‘Right Here’
4. Max Styler & Colt Matthews – ‘Heartache’ (SMLE Remix)
5. Rain Man & Krysta Youngs – ‘Habit’ (T-Mass Remix)
6. Spaces – ‘Day Dream’
7. Eliminate – ‘Goodbye’
8. Noise Cans – ‘Caan Dun’ (feat. Louise Chantál)
9. Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson – ‘Just Hold On’ (Bad Royale Remix)
10. Aquadrop – ‘Watch Me DVB’
11. Stööki Sound – ‘Echoes’ (feat. Latroit & Lliam Taylor) (Sam F Remix)
12. Big Fish & Kende – ‘Lose My Mind’ (feat. David Blank)
13. Keys N Krates & KRANE – ‘Right Here’ (Arc North & Synchron Remix)
14. Bok Nero – ‘Hop Out Da Phantom’ (feat. Jahlil Beats) (ROARY Remix)
15. Sam F & Yntendo – ‘All We Got’ (feat. Lizzy Land)

BONUS MIX:  Dim Mak Miami 2017 Nighttime Mix by MORTEN:

View the whole tracklist below: 

Dim Mak Nighttime Mix by MORTEN

1. Rain Man & Fiyah Fiyah – ‘King Kong’ (ft. Cinélu)
2. NIGHTOWLS – ‘Blacked Out’ (feat. Brewski)
3. Wildfire – ‘Inferno’
4. Borgore – ‘Big Bad’
5. MORTEN – ‘Hypnotized’
6. Garmiani – ‘Voodoo’ (feat. Walshy Fire) [Hasse de Moor Remix]
7. Zookeepers – ‘Kill My Speakers’
8. Rain Man & Krysta Youngs – ‘Habit’ (Dack Janiels & Wenzday Remix)
9. Dirty Audio & Max Styler – ‘Roller Coaster’
10. Bok Nero – ‘No Problems’ (feat. Jahlil Beats) [QUIX Remix]
11. Big Sean – ‘Bounce Back’ (EXSSV X Styles Complete Remix)
12. The Bloody Beetroots – ‘Warp 2.0’ (feat. Steve Aoki)
13. Matroda – ‘Ghetto Funk’
14. BROHUG – ‘Droppers’
15. BROHUG – ‘Knuckles’
16. MORTEN & Riggi & Piros – ‘TTFU’
17. Riot Ten & Sirenz – ‘Scream!’
18. Deorro – ‘Dechorro’
19. ETC!ETC! & Corporate Slackrs – ‘Raise Up’ (feat. Petey Pablo) [VIP]
20. Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson – ‘Just Hold On’ (Rain Man Remix)

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