Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann Revisit Their Techno Project with Series of Remixes

The techno dream team of Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann revisit their Elements project with a new series of remixes. The first half of the project is called, ‘Terra’, a piece that has done wonders for the dance-floor around the world since its release in 2011 by Senso Sounds.

Joseph Capriati takes the reigns for the new age techno edition of ‘Terra’.

Elements Remixed
Joseph Capriati & Julian Jeweil remake of the Elements project

The Italian headliner has is a strong presence largely within the European electronic music scene with his driving, dramatic, and devastating techno. Joseph Capriati welcomes the future with excited anticipation by stating:

I just want to make music or play gigs everyday. It is the most important thing in my life. When I am in the studio or on stage I feel disconnected from the world and I enter another dimension where there is just the music, the people and myself. When I’m playing I totally forget everything and this makes me happier. Looking at the people dancing and following my musical trip is an amazing thing. There is nothing better than this for me.

The second half of the Elements project is called ‘Fuego’, a track made for big systems and even bigger moments.

Julian Jeweil adds his own techno touch to remake ‘Fuego’.

Julian is a French artist who is pretty much always traveling the world sharing his music. For this remix he adds a punch by creating a deeper and heavier nature to the originally spacier piece. Make sure to also listen to his first Beatport best seller, ‘Air Conditionné‘.

Listen Joseph Capriati & Julian Jeweil remake of the Elements project below:

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