Sacha Robotti Releases a Signature Slothacid Groover, ‘Pharmacopoeia’

Sacha Robotti continues his run of original releases on his Slothacid imprint with another medicinal offering in the shape of ‘Pharmacopeia’. This is a stripped-back groover which when imbibed, will be producing some seriously desirable effects.

Robotti’s ‘Pharmacopoeia’ may not have approval from the CDC just yet, but that doesn’t make it any less effective – layering a selection of out-there samples and effects over an eerie groove, this cut fuses tribal vibes with intergalactic synth work and the result is… Well, it’s the party antidote we’ve all been needing to hear.

“‘Pharmacopeia’ is a tribute to a show I’ve enjoyed watching in recent years, ‘Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia’. It’s somewhat of a personal diary through a camera lens featuring the scientist Hamilton who travels the world exploring obscure drugs and famous substances. The resulting song is a trippy piece of music for all the senses. Enjoy!” – Sacha Robotti

Directions for use: take the driving power of the track three times a night and when the groove creeps in, expect to see serious vibes being generated for all the raving sloths out there. Slothacid will be making ‘Pharmacopeia’ available on October 9th 2020 from all good audio dispensaries.

Follow this with your weekly dose of Sacha’ timeless, 2017 Dirtybird release Melato Nina.

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