RUFUS DU SOL Frees Our Mind With Ambient Composition [Free Download]

Australia-based trio RUFUS DU SOL are as captivating as any act out there, creating ethereally transcendent experiences through their production and live performance. Since breaking through the barrier in 2011, Tyrone, James, and Jon have continued to sooth the souls of their listeners through their powerful yet ambient sound.

The third track off their sophomore album Bloom, “Innerbloom” takes us further inside the auditory endeavors of these Sydney savants.

Not many people can say they have, not once, revealed a sub-par track, but RUFUS DU SOL boasts a track record of clean releases that pull at every fathomable human emotion. This one has a bit of a deadmau5 inclination along with a tantric progression that teases you over 10 minutes of mastery.

Take a listen to “Innerbloom” for yourself and get lost in this mesmerizing composition.

Rufus DU SOL