Rave Party Ideas For Men’s Shirts & Girls Legwear in 2020

Today we’re going to go over a couple of ideas for men’s rave wear and outfits that you can use for a festival or show near you. I took a lot of guy friends to shows with me and raved and went to festivals with a ton of people in my rate family, and I’ve noticed the same thing every time people are always asking me what can guys wear what brands are.

Where do we shop? We always have to wear the same thing, and there’s no variety. These are the things that you hear pretty often in rave fashion, especially coming from guys. So what I wanted to do today was go over a few outfits than a friend of mine came up with. It will give you an idea of a couple of other styles that you can check out and expend your festival wardrobe.

I’m going to go through and tell you the brand that I shopped at and other tips and tricks for spicing up your festival wear.

Top Mens Rave & Festival Wear in 2020

If you’re a guy, check out for each of the outfits that I’m going to go over. For the first outfit, I went with much more of a regular average streetwear look. I wanted to start small for those of us who are not used to mesh and cutouts and buckles and chains and all that crazy stuff that rain fashion brings to the table.

So I started with a more classic look that you could see on a typical day walking up the street. I chose to start with just a tank top, so for this one. I decided on a Totem print shirt that I got from Purge Culture, which is a brand that’s growing in popularity lately.

I’ve seen a lot of their clothes, especially their reflective clothing and face masks, but I chose the Totem print because I think it’s fun. It has a fresh texture to it. I think it’s enjoyable to look at especially in the daylight and so I chose this tank top.

I like it has a unique artwork in red, so it’s got a little bit of pop of color without being super in-your-face like neon and reflective and flashing. The next thing I did was went ahead and found some bottoms for this outfit.

Joggers Can be your goto for any Rave outfits

I chose joggers because a lot of my guy friends in the rave community have said that once you try wearing joggers to a show, you are not going to go back. I’ve heard they’re very, very comfortable. They let you move and dance. They typically breathe better than Jean fabrics, and they keep you a little cooler as well. So I chose just a typical dark grey jogger to kind of contrast a little bit of the white in print for the tank top.

Then I went ahead, and I found a face mask that matched. I’m a huge fan of face masks. I think you should always bring one to a show, whether it’s one of the seamless covers or it’s one of the full-back masks, the ones that wrap around your ears. I think face masks are useful because they protect your lungs. They help you keep away from some germs when you’re breathing in such proximity to a ton of other dancers. They also prevent you from breathing in the dust and smoke that’s getting kicked up at these shows.

So I chose a face mask that was a fiber optic mask. It is a very standout from the crowd mask that I got a while ago from Purge Culture. I’m a huge fan of them. I think they have a lot of great variety, especially in their accessories, so I chose a fiber optic face mask for this outfit.

Caps & Hats can come in handy

And the last thing I want to talk about for this outfit is the hat. I went ahead and used the snail’s cap that I purchased at a show in December. But you can choose anything. This one I wanted because it’s black and white, so it also kind of stuck to a more simple color scheme instead of being super bright and flashy. But you can use anything when it comes to hats and face masks. Especially one thing I suggest is that male rave outfits cannot be completed without hats, and you’ll see this a little bit later in the post.

Also, go and look at the merch stores of your favorite DJs and your favorite artists because a lot of the merch stores carry everything. They don’t just sell tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies. They also have things like shorts, sweatpants, facemask, bandanas, hats, wristbands, and jewelry, and plenty of more accessories that can help to spice up your outfit. It will represent your DJ and the style of music that you’re into.

The second outfit is more kind of what I call an e forest or maybe like a gorge and the Theater vibe. I didn’t have any fashion words for it, but FYI, people also wear these kinds of outfits.

Outfits that give you Summer Vibes

So moving into the next outfit, it’s a lot more simple, and there are fewer pieces added to it. I think it’s a style that I’ve been seeing growing a little more as far as outdoor festivals and venues. It gives more of a summer vibe, so for this outfit, what you can see is we went with no shirt at all. I’ve seen a lot of guys that’ll go to shows, and it either gets hot, especially in the summer, or you’re out in the Sun. So wearing a lot of fabric and a lot of layers might not be what you’re going for.

For this one, instead of wearing a shirt, we chose to use a pashmina on the top. I like the nude color we chose for this one, in particular, I’m going to have a couple more colorful outfits later on in this post. I wanted to stay a little more simple and neutral and natural in the earth tone colors for this outfit. So for this one, I chose one of my pashmina that’s more of a brown gold nude color theme, which I think lends itself to a very natural like relaxed and calm vibe for this outfit.

Denims can be paired with any outfit

For the bottoms, we chose to do just plain black pants, and they were denim. We went with ones that didn’t have rips, but that’s a style choice, I think, when you choose to do ripped jeans versus maybe just a little bit of a chair versus no rips at all. I think that is a style choice that you can play around with for your outfits and based on your style.

With the pashmina on the top and the pants on the bottom, we also chose to accessorize with some jewelry. We chose just a pendant that I had gotten for me earlier. This one has letters and a small Celtic design on it, but it’s a little bronze coin that just kind of added to the look.

Another thing you can do for accessories is you can find dog tags with your particular brand DJ or different merch on them. There are tons of other accessories you can use for necklaces. Some people use little spoons. Some people wear pacifiers, and some people use body chains. I know that kind of sounds feminine. Maybe it’s not your style, but I’ve seen a lot of guys pull off some cool body chains. I think you can play around with and still have a very masculine look to your outfit.

Harnesses are taking off in Men’s Festival Outfits

The last thing I wanted to talk about is that harnesses are another thing that I’m seeing taking off a lot more in men’s fashion as well as women’s. The little chains and harnesses that kind of wrap around your shoulders and across your chest can really accentuate different muscle tones and different body types if you try them out. So if you’re not afraid to kind of mess around with a little more of hardcore or intense festival style, harnesses are something that I would check out as well.

Kandi Kid Outfit

Alright moving into the next outfit, we’re getting into more of like a candy kid or bro style. I guess you could call it baroque, has a weird negative connotation. But it’s just something I think you could see anybody wearing. It does have a couple of attributes to it that make it wavier and bring you into the culture a little bit more. So for this outfit, I started with what originally was a t-shirt from Purge Culture. It is a trippy t-shirt, and it’s super colorful and super fun. I think it catches someone’s eye and can be a fun conversation starter. I took this t-shirt and just off the sleeves to make it a cutoff and ripped it down the side so that the shirt would breathe a little bit more.

For the bottoms on this outfit just for the sake of variety and showing you different options, I went with like-colored jeans you could do again ripped not ripped cut off. You could do shorts if that’s your style, but we wanted with denim to show a little bit of variety and to contrast that’s in this shirt.

Mens Rave Clothing is Incomplete without Glasses

As far as accessories, the next thing we did is I had my goggles on for this one. My goggles here are Purge Culture as well. They have unique diffraction glasses, goggles, light toys, accessories, all different types of things to enhance your Raven experience. I use a lot of goggles and diffraction glasses in tons of my outfits, and they can add a fun pop of color as well, so don’t be afraid to go check them out.

Moving through our next accessory, we used a blue geometric bandanna. You could have used any color of the rainbow with this outfit. Especially with the shirt being so colorful, I chose blue because it is my favorite color. So I just tied it around my forehead. You could also tie it around your face like a mask. I’ve seen a lot of people do that. You can tie it as an armband, you can tie it around maybe your upper arm- all a stylistic choice, but that’s an accessory that can add a pop of color to just about any outfit.

Kandis & Perlers

The last accessory I really wanted to talk about is Kandi. Now we’re getting a little more into kind of the culture, and if you’re going to use Kandi, you probably have to know how to make a trade or find it. I like making it. I think it’s a super fun accessory to be able to trade with everybody else around you, but in this outfit, we are wearing Kandi, and we have all different varieties of colors and styles. Some people use pom-poms, some people use stars, things that glow, things that reflect people.

We are also wearing a Perler that I made. It says welcome to my world, and it kind of has a blacked-out globe with a bunch of rainbow lights on it. Perlers are super fun and they’re all personal, and they each have their own story. You may have perlers yourself to trade and give out to people or you’ve been treated with a very special perler at a show or festival. Sometimes it’s fun to take these pieces back out, and even if you’re not willing to trade it, wear them as an accessory.

Flow Art Style Outfit

The next outfit I would call this more of a flow art style I chose. It is purely based on a lot of my friends that typically dress like this because it helps them not only to be able to dance and move freely but feel comfortable while they’re doing it.

So to start with this outfit, we went with a reflective Leopard jacket that I got from the same brand Purge Culture. I talked about them a lot, but that’s mostly because I shop with them a lot, especially for my friends when I’m looking for their outfits. But this one has a more mechanical white color scheme. I really like that color scheme. Personally, I think it looks nice when the reflections kind of hit the white. The white color scheme works very well because it’s not too busy with the background when you’re doing light shows in front of you.

For the bottoms, we went with cargo shorts. They are functional &, for the most part, reasonably comfortable. I like them because they have a lot of pockets and zip as well. So if you’re a flow artist, you know that you are always trying to figure out the safest way to get your flow toys in and out of the venue. You intend to keep them safe while you’re at the show & as much fun as it is doing light shows for people, you have to have somewhere to put them when you’re not loving and doing the actual light shows. For my flow friends personally, they’ve told me they like to wear some sort of cargo pants that keep their art toys close to them while also feeling pretty safe, especially ones that have zippers.

Face Masks can complete your look

The next thing for this outfit was a face mask. I also got this one from Purge Culture so that the colors would match it. Ended up going for more of a black and white look. So that’s another face mask seamless in this style, but you can use any style to accessorize. This one’s nice because when you’re doing flow arts, a lot of people like to have their mouth covered. It just kind of adds the effect of the show. I guess I couldn’t really explain to you why I do it too and I also think it looks cool.

A lot of my friends don’t wear too much candy because it makes a lot of noise & can get in the way of your movement. That’s just a style choice, so we had a couple of pieces of candy with this outfit, and I believe I have my goggles too.

If you’re a flow artist, you know that one of the coolest things is taking a show and then giving somebody glasses or goggles and having them watch it through. And it is honestly like a whole new world when you see it through glasses. So that’s just a personal preference, but you can also accessorize this outfit with something like a hood. A lot of my friends that are flow artists wear hoodies. They’ll wear like a vest that has a hood on it or some hat. It’s just a stylistic choice, but those are other options for being able to accessorize this outfit.


I think I’ve gone through the four outfits that I was excited to show you that I put together. I hope I was able to help you to come up with some new outfit ideas for men. If you have any other suggestions, please go comment below and let us know & get a conversation started so we can see different shops and ideas that you have. I want guys to be able to come up with some fun and creative outfits as well. I don’t think that festival fashion should be only a girl activity.