Raiden and Tom Tyger Bring Back 80’s Dance Music for ‘C’est La Vibe’ [Music Video]

Very recently, the extraordinary producers Raiden and Tom Tyger brought their individual style’s together to craft the eclectic house-hit, ‘C’est La Vibe’. While the single released on Protocol Recordings had already garnered attention for its eclectic production style, the artists recently dropped a music video accompanying the single to give listeners the full-viewing experience.

Enjoy the old-school music video for Raiden & Tom Tyger’s ‘C’est La Vibe’. 

From the first second of the music video, ‘C’est La Vibe’ pays homage to the late 1980s – 1990s dance scene with plenty of era-relevant graphics and models who exemplify the era. While this video may have materialized from the “far-out” future of 2017, the directors took classic analog television filming style, which captures the diverse house elements found in the track.

In a world where dance music videos can sometimes be seen as secondary and uninspired, Raiden and Tom Tyger’s nod to when dance music first gained traction is a great addition to the electronic music community.

Just like the track, the video shows careful attention to the fun-yet-meaningful visuals which also contain a comedic nod to David Hasselhoff at the end of the video which ties in the VHS references scattered throughout. Enjoy the nostalgia. In addition, as a gift, pick up Raiden’s remix of Clean Bandits ‘Symphony’ and Galantis ‘Run Away’ as a free download.

Listen to and download for free Raiden’s remix of Galantis’ ‘Runaway’:

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