R-CHY Talks Warehouse Anthem ‘Break the Law’ and Israeli Rave Culture

Allow R-CHY’s music to be a beacon shining down on you, filling you with energy to go after what you love. From Tel Aviv, the Israel producer and DJ has a new bass house offering for the dance music community, ‘Break The Law’ with a fellow Israel duo AIRBENDERS out on LAB Recordings

R-CHY & Airbenders ‘Break the Law’

‘Break The Law’ is a warehouse-filling track with high-energy that reminds listeners to believe in themselves, visualize your goals, hone in and achieve them.

R-CHY photo credit Gil Magled

R-CHY shares more about the message and intentions behind the release, “‘Break the Law’ is all about thinking differently and creatively. It’s not about actual law-breaking but about daring to step outside the norm. We wanted it to be catchy but also to stand out from the usual tunes out there. Working with my buddies, Airbenders, we mixed up something special that feels fresh and exciting.”

R-CHY shares more about the creative process behind ‘Break the Law’, “this track started with an awesome sound I made way back in 2021, then sort of forgot about. When I shared it with the Airbenders a year later, they loved it, and we got to work. The main synth, powered by Sylenth1, underwent extensive processing, including distortion and compression, to achieve its unique sound. A standout feature of this track is its vocals, originally penned and recorded by us, then transformed through AI to produce entirely novel voices. This innovative approach allowed us to explore uncharted vocal territories, making the track truly one-of-a-kind.”


‘Break the Law’ follows R-CHY’s previous records that have been aired everywhere from Tomorrowland to Lollapalooza or Tiësto and Alan Walker’s live performances as well as R-CHY’s dancefloor destroying sets on Israel’s mainstages with and through millions of streams.  

Curious to learn more about the producer with a promising young career and the best remix of Harry Styles, plus the Israeli rave culture, we reached out to R-CHY for an exclusive interview.  

What are your favorite places to play and party in Israel? 

In Israel, techno rules, but there’s a special spot for EDM too, thanks to some cool groups bringing in big names. I recently played at an event called Revolution, and it was epic! The crowd in Israel is super warm and welcoming. It’s a blast to play for them, even if they’re sometimes a bit stuck on the old-school EDM vibes.

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In the US, people always yell for “Carl!!” at music festivals, a running joke, everyone is looking for the evasive Carl.  Are there any special traditions at Israeli festivals?

Not exactly a “Carl” story here, but Israel is big on electronic music, especially the techno and trance scenes. We started off as a trance hotspot with legends like Infected Mushroom, and now we’re making waves in techno and indie dance too. It’s awesome to see Israelis let loose at festivals, especially with all the tough stuff going on here. It’s like a mini-vacation from real life.

What are 5 tracks you find at the forefont of dance music right now?

These are the beats that are killing it in 2023, each one bringing something special to the table.

What tracks of yours were played by big names and at Tomorrowland? 

Tiësto rocked out to “Pikachu” a track I did with Redmo, and Alan Walker got into my mashup along with JON T – “Seek A Savage Bromance.” And guess what? My tune “Electro” was played at Tomorrowland by my friend Ilkay Sencan. Super proud moment!

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What is it like in Israel these days?

On the night between October 6th and October 7th I played at a party for about 350 people, finished around 5 in the morning, drove home, and showered. As soon as I got into bed, the siren went on. For people who don’t live in Israel – a siren means Hamas is firing missiles at us. It’s tough, but we’re strong. The situation’s a bit better now, but It’s important to not forget that there are people who have been kidnapped, which shows just how deep and personal this situation is.

We really hope for better days when our enemies might turn into friends. But for now, that thought seems more like a wish than something real.

What are you excited about next? 

Big changes ahead! I’m moving to a better place and getting married (yay!). I’m looking to DJ in more countries and connect with more fans. The love and messages I get from people who enjoy my music mean everything. It’s all about bringing people together and sharing those good vibes.



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