Experience the Total Solar Eclipse with Meow Wolf’s Cosmic Worlds

In April, portals and stars will align in Texas, marking a celestial event that visitors from all over the state, country, and world won’t want to miss—the last total eclipse visible in America for twenty years. In the zone of totality, Meow Wolf is creating an immersive art world within the Texas Eclipse festival, offering a unique backdrop to experience this rare celestial event. 

Led by Mitch Morales, Texas Eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where individuals, music, art, space, and technology converge in celebration of the 2024 total solar eclipse. Taking place at Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet, Texas on April 5-9, guests from around the world can embark on a celestial journey with over 300 artists, speakers, and luminaries, including space and technology experts, wellness gurus, world class musicians, and astronauts from every spaceflight provider, including NASA, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Blue Origin. 

To put a truly hyperlocal, Texan twist on Meow Wolf’s immersive art world within the festival, the Meow Wolf Presents team dreamed up Gone Fishing, a tactile, fully immersive, performative art installation inspired by the simple joys of fishing trips and lakeside lounging.

Total Eclipse Meow Wolf Gone Fishing

By day, the local livery’s chatty inhabitants share tales as captivating as the fish that got away. But as dusk falls, the lake shimmers with the glow of Neo-Burlesque performances, setting the stage for a night of sizzling entertainment tailored for more mature maritime friends. Let the glow of this idyllic lakeside neighborhood invite you to stay a while, make a fished connection, and float your worries away. Dock up and cast a line for a memorable time in Meow Wolf’s placid world. 

Things you can expect at Meow Wolf Presents: Gone Fishing 

  • A-lure-ing performances during the daytime
  • Late night Neo-Burlesque performances
  • Catch a fish! Make a wish!
  • Worm stuff
  • Have you met the locals? Try to find the resident psychic catfish!

Celestial revelers closer to the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex are cordially invited to Meow Wolf’s Grapevine exhibition, The Real Unreal, for a multidimensional party to celebrate the solar eclipse over Texas on April 8th from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Families can unlock the portal between The Real Unreal and the Milky Way at this all-day celebration that will include an array of spacey activities, interstellar snacks, and an illuminating solar eclipse watch party. 

The day (and temporary night) will include an array of unique celestial moments at Meow Wolf Grapevine. Guests can choose from a variety of activities including cyanotype paper crafting sessions, shadow puppetry, and space-age face painting. The party will also include galactic-themed food and beverages from Celestial Brewing, Niki’s Popcorn, and Hive Bakery! Within the exhibition, guests can consult the stars with tarot readings. 

To participate in this event, guests simply have to reserve a ticket for April 8 at The Real Unreal. Those interested in attending the viewing party should reserve a time slot prior to noon. 

Texas Eclipse Lineups

Texas Eclipse Festival Lineup


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