PSYRUS – Covid-20 is the Deep Dubstep & Ethnic Trap We Needed

PSYRUS – Covid-20 is a multi-genre upcoming release with a fresh sound, at the junction of Deep Dubstep & Ethnic Trap. It will be out on the 3rd of December.

A track about the post- covid era, dark vibe, surround sound. Listen with headphones or at full volume in the car. Use it in sets or at home to create the right mood.

Covid will pass, but we humans will stay with each other. Isolation has punched us all in the gut, and the feeling of loneliness is increasing. And if you feel it too, if you need support, just press Play. We feel the same bro.

Covid 20 is experimental. Sometimes, a search for a new sound leads to very interesting results. When, if not now, you can afford to do something completely unusual to you. Whether this experiment succeeded or not, is up to you, electronic music admirers.

And remember – the darkest time is always before dawn, so listen to Covid 20 while waiting for it. We will.

PSYRUS is an experimental EDM project by sound producer and DJ Andrew Psyrus, created in 2016. PSYRUS first came to prominence with its debut track and video Hitcher, which gained 1.5 million views in a week. In addition to solo tracks and remixes, the project’s repertoire includes feats with such musicians as Onyx, Ragga Twins, Noah Sebastian. Collaboration with progressive music labels including Universal music Mena

Don’t miss the experimental sound at the intersection of genres, from the PSYRUS project in the track Covid 20.