Premiere: Eights Everywhere Lands Progressive House EP on Slothacid

Eights Everywhere first met Slothacid founder Sacha Robotti at Burning Man, where their chemistry began to react. While August 2020 brought Eights Everywhere’s debut on the imprint, today brings the AIM EP as a thatDROP Premiere; three forward-thinking tracks of hypnotic, driving, progressive house set to further put Eights Everywhere on the map.

Eights Everywhere AIM EP Slothacid

Download Eights Everywhere AIM EP [Slothacid]

The San Diego born, Park City resident Eights Everywhere has seen early support by Anna Lunoe, Shiba San and Kyle Watson. After Eights Everywhere graduated high school in 2008 and he set out for Burning Man for the first time. The start of a 10+ year annual expedition to explore the playa where he has connected with and absorbed much inspiration. 

Eights Everywhere

Since releasing his first major debut ‘Patterns on Suicide Robot’ in 2016 Eights has gotten deep into hardware incorporating more gear into his live setup and productions.  Enjoy a techno set by Everywhere and keep an eye on his innovations in 2021. 

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