ODESZA Shares on Rave.wavs with Jai Wolf, Kasbo, ford. and More

Label created by electronic duo ODESZA, Foreign Family Collective has unveiled the first edition of Rave.wavs, a compilation of tracks from artists from the label & close friends, out May 25th.  The album features tracks by Chrome Sparks, Jai Wolf, Kasbo, Phantoms, pluko, Robotaki, ford., Gilligan Moss, Medasin, MEMBA, and more.

Recognizing that artists were especially challenged last year to stay creative, Rare.wavs is an experiment to let artists release music without expectations. It is born from the isolation of last year and the need to let go of the past, and looking positively into the future.

Regarding the compilation, ODESZA said “Foreign Family Collective has always been about merging music with visuals, bringing artists together and exploring new mediums for creativity.” They added, “Rare.wavs embodies all of that as well as an opportunity for artists to release music without worrying about how it would fit an album, how it works as a single, or any of the usual concerns that sometimes come with sharing your art.”

When looking to put together the project, Foreign Family let each artist have the creative freedom to make/submit what they wanted, tracks new and old, ones they’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to release, weren’t finished in time for their album release, etc. They received an incredible response, with artists submitting some of their rarest and finest work that deserves to be heard by all given the right platform. The result is a 16 track release, available on various platforms.

In addition to album release, the artwork for each track will be available as a 1 of 1 NFT via Foundation.app  The NFTs will be available for bidding on Tuesday, May 25th, with the auction lasting for 24 hours once the minimum price is met.

Also at 11am PT on May 25th, the artists who contributed to the album will join together for the YouTube premiere of the audio via FFC’s channel, available to chat with one another as well as fans about their individual tracks, the NFTs, and overall project.

To find out more about Foreign Family, go to:
Foreignfamilycollective.com | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter | YouTube